Joseane Tostes

Omnichannel Director

She is the Omnichannel Director and the creator of the Omnichannel business division of DirectBiz Consultants.

She developed a successful career, over more than 20 years, in important companies of the Cosmetics sector and in different distribution channels, such as Direct Sales, Retail and Franchises.

Joseane worked in companies such as Silvio Santos Group’s Jequiti Cosméticos, a successful case in the Direct Selling market, and in the Embelleze System, in which she created, structured and directed a company, the Embelleze Salon. At that company, she implemented a then innovative Multichannel Strategy, through the integration between Salon’s direct sales channel and the Embelleze Institute’s franchise channel, with the purpose of generating new income opportunities for the institute’s more than one million students throughout Brazil.

She became a highly specialized executive in structuring, implementing and managing new Direct Selling Franchise channels, a strategy that at DirectBiz we call Mixed Channels, in addition to becoming a pioneer in structuring Omnichannel business in Direct Selling focusing on convergence and the integration between different distribution channels, with a focus on consumer Omni.

Having joined DirectBiz in October 2017, she’s got an MBA in Marketing and Sales, from Fundação Getúlio Vargas of Rio de Janeiro (FGV / RJ).