Omnichannel is no longer just a theory or a future business. It is the current reality. It appeared in the USA a few years ago, with retailers realizing that only 12% of consumers wished to complete their purchases on a single channel, the physical store. Concerned about the number, they began to devise a smart way to offer a consistent service, which would recognize and monitor a customer’s purchasing cycle through various service channels.

For us at DirectBiz, “Omnichannel” means empowering our customers to serve their customers the way they choose to be served, on the channel they prefer and at the time they wish.

For this reason, the objective of our work is to evaluate new potential channels, structure and implement them in an integrated manner – mitigating risks of conflicts among them – and convergent – rationalizing investments and optimizing the results of our clients.


Franchisability Analysis
Channel Feasibility Analysis
Multichannel Tax Analysis
Channel Convergence Study
Price Convergence Study


Mixed Channels Business Architecture
Structuring Franchise Models
Structuring Franchises + Direct Selling
Structuring Omnichannel Business
Restructuring Multichannel Strategies
Omnichannel Business Restructuring


Creation of Franchise Expansion Plans
Creation of Multichannel Expansion Plans
Mixed Channel Business Diagnosis
Omnichannel Business Diagnosis
Shared Franchise Management
Managers and Franchisees Hunting