Technical Specialists

One of our main differentials is the highlight of the expression “consultants” in the brand itself, rather than the term “consulting”.

They form our team of experts, with experience gained in successful executive careers in some of the largest and most respected national and multinational companies, in the Brazilian and international markets, where they worked for many years.

Our consultants, with innovative, disruptive and pragmatic profiles, identify with the purpose of our clients, from conception to execution, make up our greatest strength and give soul and form to our business.

We have developed solid partnerships with them, some over 15 years ago; and created a collective, pulsating and perennial “core of intelligence”, which enabled us to meet a variety of our customers’ needs with excellence and constancy.

Mônica Ogando

Feasibility Analyses and Planning

Cintia Martins

Feasibility Analyses

Dra. Elizabeth Martos

Legal Affairs