DBiz News

Created more than 15 years ago, the current DBiz News (then called only BizNews), was originally designed to be a new communication vehicle specialized in Direct Sales, containing articles on strategic movements of the companies in the segment, industry news and articles by our consultants on technical aspects of sustainable business structuring through Direct Selling.

It quickly became “the first Brazilian Direct Selling electronic newsletter”, an innovative vehicle as a newsletter and absolute groundbreaker in the online environment, reaching in just over a year the expressive mark of a few thousand readers, considering it was a vehicle created by a consulting company.

Currently, DBiz News publishes complementary and analytical comments on news and novelties published in the big media about the Direct Selling sector, the evolution of Multichannel Strategies and Omnichannel Business. In addition to important issues related to the market, trends and daily business, the newsletter also features news about innovative solutions and technologies, as well as new services for the segment.