Direct Selling

Direct Selling accompanied the great change in the world. It appeared more than a century ago, in the “door to door” model, through traveling salesmen. It has evolved over decades, always following the evolution of society itself and its needs. However, it maintained the essence of the personal relationship between resellers/distributors and consumers, increasingly taking advantage of the evolution of technological solutions to improve this relationship.

For us at DirectBiz, Direct Selling means training our customers to adopt this distribution channel, which connects their companies and their consumers without the intermediation of physical stores. We do it by providing commercial models and compensation plans best suited to our clients’ products, considering their consumers, production costs and appropriate logistics to minimize delivery times.

The objective of our work is to make a Direct Sales business feasible, helping to structure, implement and also co-manage it whenever our customers need it, mitigating risks of conflicts with the current pre-existing channels, rationalizing investments and potentializing results.


Portfolio Analysis
Feasibility Analysis
Commercial Diagnosis
Adherence Study
Pricing Studies


Commercial Structuring
Business Structuring
Commercial Deployment
Member Get Member
Business Restructuring
Commercial Remodeling


Tax Assessment by State
Creating MLM Marketing Plans
Creation of SL and BL Compensation Plans
Shared Sales Management
Relationship Managers Hunting