In addition to feasibility or adherence studies, projects and new business deployments – whether in Direct Selling or in the Omnichannel world – we also create and make available to our customers a range of specific “products” suited to the specific moment of each company. These products are predominantly (but not only) aimed at companies already active in the market.

For us at DirectBiz, “Product” is the way we call our independent and specific jobs, which consist of understanding a customer’s strategic need or priority and proposing the most appropriate solution. Our products can solve any problems or improve certain businesses; and the customer is also trained to obtain effective results with the product they purchased.

The objective of our work is to capture the customer’s briefing and identify in our portfolio the correct product for that need, minimizing investments by hiring consultants, accelerating solution deadlines and maximizing immediate results.


MLM Marketing Plans Evaluation
Evaluation of SL and BL Compensation Plans
Tax Evaluation Regional CDs
Diagnosis Productivity Indicators
Commercial and Demand Planning
Budget Planning


DS Executive Coaching and Franchising
FSA - Fast Strategic Advice (consultations)
Coaching Commercial Managers (field)
Hunting Sales and Marketing Managers
Franchisees Mentoring and Coaching


Evaluation of Product Portfolios
Branding Strategies Assessment
Communication Materials Concept
Implementation of Channel Marketing (Trade)
Qualitative Research (Focus Groups)