Carlos Coimbra

Supply Chain Transformation Director

He developed his career in areas such as Planning, Procurement, Manufacturing, Distribution and Technical Support, in large companies, in which he was always at the forefront of processes related to the supply chain operations, based not only on Direct Sales, but also active in other distribution channels, such as Retail and Franchises.

His experience in Supply Chain Design, defining Supply Chain Strategies aligned with business strategies, and Supply Chain Execution and Best Practices is the result of more than 30 years of experience as an executive in Operations, Supply Chain Management and Logistics, consolidated in renowned companies such as Avon, Hinode, Aloha, Alcatel, DHL, Hermes, and Marabraz.

His work adds the necessary vision to DirectBiz clients’ projects, whether to mature processes that need structuring to prepare the company for competitive movements, or for the necessary and urgent orientation in updating for process and technology deployments, in businesses that need to understand and follow the drastic changes that the operational and logistics area of ​​all companies have been facing in the transition from the so-called “Revolution 4.0”.

Working with DirectBiz since April 2019, Carlos has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Mackenzie University, with a postgraduate degree in Industrial Administration (Vanzolini Foundation) and an International Executive MBA (FIA) and is currently also developing studies by ASCM – Association for Supply Chain Management.